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Nerd Parenting – Why I Want my Kids to be Geeks

Posted by Glen LaGrou April 9, 2014 Blog, OCM Blog
Engineering for Kids

I am of the belief that the nerd label gets a bad rap. I want my kids to have nerd and geek tendencies.

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Oakland County Moms on WDIV Local 4 News – Click on Detroit

Posted by Lisa LaGrou April 6, 2014 Blog, Media
Karen Drew, WDIV, Lisa LaGrou

WDIV Local 4 News – Click on Detroit Oakland County Moms has been featured on WDIV Local 4 News numerous times since June of 2010.

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Save Money on Baby Products – Consumer Reports Tips

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 29, 2014 Blog, OCM Blog, Reviews, Solutions

I interviewed Sandra Gordon, author of Consumer Reports Best Baby Products, for tips on how to save money on shopping for baby products like formula, car seats, diapers, cribs etc…

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DWTS Season 18 Predictions

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 17, 2014 Blog, OCM Blog

Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars begins Monday and I’m looking forward to getting hooked again. There’s a ton of celebrity status here and I’m going to take this opportunity to place some predictions on who will do well this season.

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Rochester Hills State of the City 2014 Address

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 13, 2014 Blog, Home, News, OCM Blog

I reside in Rochester Hills and was invited by the Mayor’s office to attend the Rochester Hills’ State of the City Address in March 13,  2014. I know this is very specific to one city, but I think it’s interesting and useful information for many.

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Should We Let Our Kids Go On Spring Break

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 12, 2014 Blog, Education, Health, OCM Blog

Our parenting question of the day… Should we let our kids go on spring break when they’re in high school?

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Parenting – The Importance of Me Time

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 10, 2014 Blog, OCM Blog

I’m guilty. Yes, I lost site of my own identity after having my kids. They consumed my life – partly due to the typical demands that come with raising children, but also largely due to the fact that they had special needs.

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Pros and Cons of Early and Late Kindergarten Enrollment

Posted by llagrou March 7, 2014 Blog, Education, Health, OCM Blog

What age is best for Kindergarten is likely the first challenge parents face in regards to their child’s start in academics. This is an especially difficult question for parents of children whose birthdays fall near Kindergarten registration cutoff dates and cusps.

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Parenting Hindsight – Successes and Tips

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 6, 2014 Blog, OCM Blog, Reviews, Solutions

Fresh from my parenting hindsight mistakes column, I’m returning with some tips that have worked quite well thus far in raising my pre-teens. I’m due for a self pat on the back after beating myself up a little :).

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Parenting Hindsight – Mistakes? I’ve Made a Few

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 3, 2014 Blog, OCM Blog
Lisa LaGrou

Hindsight is 20/20. Parenting hindsight is even clearer. My oldest will be entering his teen years very soon so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of my parenting “D’OH!” moments – the philosophies and modes of thinking I kind of struck out on.

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