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Tips for Less Stressful Parenting

Posted by Administrator April 1, 2014 Behavioral Health, Health, Reviews, Solutions

By Laurette Lipman, MA, LLPC, NCC of Embracing Life Counseling, LLC and Oakland County Moms. Parenting can be stressful, but it doesn’t always have to be.

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Crittenton Hosts Expert Chick Moorman – Parenting with a Purpose

Posted by Glen LaGrou March 10, 2014 Behavioral Health, Education, Health
Chick Moorman

Parenting expert Chick Moorman returns to Crittenton Hospital in Rochester on Monday, March 17, 2014 from 7p-9p to present Parenting with a Purpose.

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Tips – Helping Children Overcome Grief During the Holiday Season

Posted by Lisa LaGrou November 27, 2013 Behavioral Health, Health

Advice and tips for parents to help their child or children overcome grief during the holiday season.

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Study – Parents, Educators and Pediatricians Need A Plan for Managing Children’s Exposure to Media

Posted by llagrou October 29, 2013 Behavioral Health, Family Health, Health

Parents, educators and pediatricians need a plan to manage the media and screen time of all children, regardless of age, warns the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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How to determine if your teen with ADD/ADHD is ready for college


I attended a webinar held by a mother of three. Two of the children (both boys) have ADD, as well as the mother. The third child (a girl) is adopted and does not have ADD.

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Interview – Author Dr. Wendy Walsh Dishes Out Love and Sex Advice

Posted by Lisa LaGrou October 10, 2013 Behavioral Health, Health

Recent women’s sexual studies and statistics show that while women are more open to experimentation in the bedroom, they are still reluctant to communicate their desires to their partners.

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How Parents Can Promote Cybersafety for Kids

Posted by llagrou September 25, 2013 Behavioral Health, Health, Reviews, Solutions

Crittenton holds health education courses and most recently I attended one on cybersafety, social media and keeping kids safe online. The speaker was Tobi Russell from Rochester Hills Counseling. Tobi presented some recent statistics, and then discussed social networking, cell phone usage, sexting, cyberbullying, and what parents can do to promote a safe online experience […]

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Parental Alienation – The Impact on Children Involved in a Divorce

Posted by Lisa LaGrou August 24, 2013 Behavioral Health

We all know divorce can be difficult and devastating for children. We assume that the courts try to do what is in the child¹s best interest by allowing both loving, fit parents custody. However, what happens when one parent teaches the children to hate or fear the other loving, fit parent?

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How to Avoid Youth Sports Burnout in Child Athletes – Sports Psychology

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 28, 2013 Behavioral Health

Metro Detroit, Michigan Sports Psychologist Discusses How to Avoid Youth Sports Burnout for Young Athletes Whether you’re talking about Little League Baseball, youth football, youth soccer, swim meets or any other youth sports league or organization, kids today are starting younger and younger. The competition factor ramps up at earlier ages than in the past […]

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Helping Young Athletes Reach Their Potential – Sports Psychology

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 21, 2013 Behavioral Health

Metro Detroit, Michigan Sports Psychologist Discusses How To Help Young Gifted Athletes Achieve Their Goals If you see that your child has talents in youth sports – capable of earning awards, sports scholarships, professional consideration, etc…. what is and how do you determine the perfect balance of encouraging them to achieve excellence and their full […]

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