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Survival Skills for Your Infant – Water Safety

Posted by Glen LaGrou February 9, 2016 Family Health, Health
Goldfish swim school

All new parents have a unique and never-to-be-replicated story – their own personal miracle. In talking to new parents, we find that each of these stories

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Oakland County Open Swim Programs

Posted by Lisa LaGrou February 8, 2016 Family Health, Health

Oakland County Open Swim Programs – Oakland County, Michigan high school or community pools that offer open swim, swim lessons or open swimming

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The Difference Between A Food Allergy and A Food Intolerance

Posted by Lisa LaGrou January 29, 2016 Family Health, Health

The difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance. I recently had an online interactive webinar with “America’s Allergist” Dr. Clifford Bassett to

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How to Buy the Right Ice Skates for Kids

Posted by Lisa LaGrou January 6, 2016 Family Health, Health

How to buy the right ice skates for kids – Ice skating is a fun activity that can be ruined by a pair of bad skates. There are some tips to follow that can

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How To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

Posted by Lisa LaGrou January 3, 2016 Family Health, Health

How to get back on track after the holidays – Time to get back to basics after the holiday season. Crittenton Hospital sent us these trips for helping to

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Great Start Collaborative Home Visiting Program

Posted by Glen LaGrou January 2, 2016 Family Health, Health

Great Start Collaborative Home Visiting Program – Great Start Collaborative offers a free home visit program for pregnant women, first time parents and

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Step Parenting Survival Guide Book

Posted by Lisa LaGrou January 1, 2016 Family Health, Health

Step parenting survival guide. Over 30 million children live with a step parent in what many call blended families. Although each blended family has a unique

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Clean Gut Diet Improves Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

Posted by Lisa LaGrou December 31, 2015 Family Health, Health

Dr. Junger’s Clean Gut Diet improves autoimmune disease symptoms. I have Sjogren’s syndrome. Sjogren’s is an autoimmune disorder that I was diagnosed

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Oakland County Free CPR Classes 2016

Posted by Glen LaGrou December 29, 2015 Family Health, Health
fire truck

Oakland County Free CPR Classes 2016 – The City of Rochester Hills Fire Department offers free CPR classes for residents AND non-residents of Rochester

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Winter Home Weatherproofing Tips

Posted by Lisa LaGrou December 28, 2015 Family Health, Health

Winter Home Weatherproofing Tips – The folks at Holmes: The Magazine to Make it Right were kind enough to send OCM some tips to weatherproof your home

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