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School Supplies Shopping Guide 2014

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 31, 2014 Education, Health, Reviews, Solutions

It’s the annual Oakland County Moms School Supplies Shopping Guide! I visited Target, Meijer, Walmart, Kmart and Office Max to find out which store has the best prices on school supplies for back to school.

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Modern Play Date Etiquette for Parents

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 30, 2014 Behavioral Health, Blog, Health, OCM Blog, Reviews, Solutions

Play date is a term I had to introduce to my mother. This foreign concept was a far reach from the days of my childhood summer vacations.

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Summer Education Tips to Prepare Kids for Back to School

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 29, 2014 Behavioral Health, Education, Health, Reviews, Solutions

Many parents are concerned with continuing education for kids during summer vacation. Most children will benefit from exposure to educational activities to help maintain their skills and get them started on the right foot for Back to School come fall.

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Breastfeeding Diet Recommendations

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 28, 2014 Family Health, Health, Reviews, Solutions

When I nursed my kids, I thought eating healthy was enough. And, honestly, no doctor or lactation consultant ever sat me down and told me anything specific about what I should be consuming on a regular basis in order to support my baby’s growth and development.

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Do Baby Milestones Determine A Child’s Success?

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 26, 2014 Behavioral Health, Health, Reviews, Solutions

How much emphasis should parents put into gross motor skills accomplishments and baby milestones?

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Detroit Lions Youth Football Camp Review and Pics

Posted by Glen LaGrou July 25, 2014 Businesses, Photos, Reviews, Solutions

Detroit Lions Youth Football offers summer football camps, 2-day and 4-day fundamentals camps, specialty position academies, parent/child football camps, and more.

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Barnes and Noble Book Recommendations for Teens

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 23, 2014 Products, Reviews, Solutions
barnes and noble

Barnes and Noble has taken time to make some book recommendations for teen readers as a service to Oakland County Moms readers. These book recommendations are perfect gift ideas for teens!

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The New Generation of Family Board Games

Posted by Glen LaGrou July 19, 2014 Products, Reviews, Solutions

In the age of apps and tablets, there is still something special about the time-honored tradition of family board game nights.

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Family Summer Vacation Travel Tips

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 19, 2014 Reviews, Solutions

Maximizing loyalty reward programs is one way to get upgrades throughout your summer vacation.

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Breastfeeding Tips from a Lactation Consultant

Posted by Lisa LaGrou July 14, 2014 Family Health, Health, Reviews, Solutions

Lactation consultant, birthing instructor, classical homeopath and herbalist offers breastfeeding tips and advice.

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