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CoolMathGames dot com – Kids Website Review

Posted by Lisa LaGrou January 9, 2011 Businesses, Products, Reviews

Initially, I had some reservations about coolmath-games.com. On the surface, it appears to be too busy and high-speed for a kids website that promotes learning. Coolmath-games dot com also has quite a bit of advertising. I’m not against advertising on websites at all but some advertising on kids websites can be either excessive or divisive. Some “learning websites” for kids contain overt shilling for products you wouldn’t want to see associated for kids. Cool mathgames dot com passes my test in the advertising content department and I’m definitely willing to forgive the colorful busyness off the site because the content is fantastic.

Cool mathgames dot com features some of the best strategy games, puzzles and math games I’ve seen on a website for kids. They do a fantastic job appealing to all ages and skill levels. None of the games are brainless flash-based games for mindless entertainment. They all seem designed to provide some thinking and reasoning skills to play. Many of the games are level-based and start off easy and get progressively more difficult. This makes cool mathgames dot com strategy games inviting for kids to begin and challenging for them to advance. Don’t believe me? Try Civiballs. Cool mathgames dot com is full of games like this and I soon found myself in the middle of an argument between my 6 and 8 year olds over control of my laptop.

Cool mathgames dot com really shines in the education department. Sure the games are fun, but cool mathgames dot com does a service for parents and teachers by providing lessons and advice on their website by providing sound math instruction for every grade level. They also provide support and advice in their teachers and parents sections.

In addition to all the math lessons and games, cool mathgames dot com provides printable coloring pages, printable mazes, and reference pages.

Whether you’re trying to occupy bored kids on a Saturday night or you’re trying to help your teen with algebra or pre-calculus, cool mathgames dot com has you covered. Cool mathgames dot com is a little hard on the eyes and not the easiest kids website to navigate but you’ll forgive all of that once you dive into the rich, educational content. Cool mathgames dot com is a fantastic mix of fun and education.



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