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DDP Yoga Review – Strength and Cardio-Based Yoga

Posted by Lisa LaGrou June 30, 2012 Products

altI recently interviewed Diamond Dallas Page about his revolutionary DDP-Yoga program. Diamond Dallas Page is a retired professional wrestler, and has developed this yoga style so that he could have an truly effective workout, without putting any stress on his “battered” body.

Having to deal with back and neck injuries as a result of an auto accident, along with some arthritis in my knees, I was quite intrigued by Dallas’ new Yoga program. Dallas offered to send me his DDP-Yoga DVD’s to try out and I happily agreed.

So, what is DDP Yoga? The basis of the DDP-Yoga program is that it has some of the same qualities as traditional yoga, i.e. no impact on the joints, improving flexibility, strong focus on the core…BUT, Diamond Dallas Page took the Yoga concept and modified it. With DDP-Yoga, you’ll experience huge cardio benefits, muscle building and toning, fat burning… all with the same yoga benefits of core strength, flexibility and more. I’m in week 3 of DDP Yoga and I’m seeing a lot of improvements to my flexibility, core strength and more. I didn’t think results like this could be possible with my back problems.

I tried out a few of the workouts and was impressed with how well Diamond Dallas Page constructed this program. I used to lift weights and have had to cut back on the amount of weight I can lift. With DDP Yoga, I can feel my muscles getting the same workout, but without lifting anything. I am not putting any strain on my back or neck. Plus, there is absolutely zero impact. My heart rate is well into the fat burning zone and I have done every move with my feet planted on the ground – no bouncing, no jumping, etc. With the DDP-Yoga workouts, you will break a sweat and get results without any strain on your body. This is a great workout program to look into if you’re having aches, pains or an injury and you still want to participate in in yoga or strength training.

Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP-Yoga teaches you how to use Dynamic Resistance in your workout. You’ll engage so many muscles during the yoga-like movements, and this will get your heart rate going. Plus, the dynamic resistance truly works the muscles and gets you weight training benefits. If you look at a picture of Diamond Dallas Page, he’s currently 55 years old and ripped, and he hasn’t lifted a weight in years! He’s also way more flexible than I am!

All of the DDP Yoga workouts can be modified to your level. Dallas gives options for the modifications so you can do the workouts and build up to more difficult levels.

One thing you’ll notice right from the start, Diamond Dallas Page uses some traditional Yoga positions, but he has also creatively made up many yoga moves of his own, and granted them memorable names like Diamond Cutter and Broken Table.

Finally, DDP-Yoga comes with a program guide that provides a fitness/nutrition/motivation guide to get you the best results.

Find out more at the DDP Yoga website. And trust me, “It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga!”

Click here to ready my interview with Diamond Dallas Page.

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