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Float App Game for Kids – Review

Posted by Lisa LaGrou March 14, 2011 Businesses, Products, Reviews

Sometimes I think my kids like my smartphone more than I do. They get so occupied by all the apps, they can suck my battery dry in a matter of minutes.

Sure playing apps on a smartphone can be fun and addictive, but I always feel more comfortable letting my kids play phone apps once I’ve seen a game and can rest assured that  they are safe and not offensive or scary in any way.

A friend of mine is a web developer and his company just came out with their own app, Float. The Float phone app is now rated the #1 kids game in 38 countries!

I met up with my friend recently to try it out. Float takes the real life game of bouncing a balloon and not letting it touch the ground, and turns it into a fun to play app with multiple game modes and levels.

In the Float app, there are spikes that pop the balloons if you let them fall. There’s a version with no spikes if you prefer that for the little kids. Float has different modes, e.g. you keep the balloons all floating for a certain length of time, you advance levels every time you finish a screen, you earn more points on the balloons that you’ve kept floating for longer, and more. There are more modes available (six) with the paid version of Float vs the free version. Float is a safe phone app for kids and is addictively fun.

You can find more info on the Float app game for kids http://www.elevatefun.com/games/float/

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