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Ford Arts Beats and Eats Parking Info

Posted by Lisa LaGrou August 13, 2013 Local Activities

altFord Arts, Beats and Eats parking info for the 2013 Arts Beats and Eats Festival. Parking info is for the August 30 through September 2 Arts Beats and Eats Festival dates.

Click here for a preview of the 2013 Ford Arts, Beats and Eats Festival.

All Royal Oak Parking Meters will not be available due to traffic concerns and to have customers avoid circling the downtown looking for parking at meters.

Downtown Royal Oak Parking Lots and Structures for Arts Beats and Eats:

Parking at all Downtown Royal Oak Lots and Structures will be $15

1. Downtown Structure #1 (Located at Lafayette & 5th St)
516 S. Lafayette
Royal Oak, MI 48067

2. Downtown Structure #2 (Located on Lafayette, North of 4th Street)
320 Lafayette Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

3. Downtown Structure #3 (Center & Third St.)
260 Center Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

4. Royal Oak Farmers Market (parking at the Farmers Market will be free TO MARKET CUSTOMERS ONLY as normal until 1pm on Friday and Saturday)
316 E 11 Mile Rd
Royal Oak, MI 48067

5. Williams St (Located off of 11 Mile, East of Main)

6. Fresard Lot (Main St. & University Ave. N. of 11 Mile Rd)
400 North Main Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067-1813

7. Center St. Lot (Located at Center & 2nd St, West of Main Street)

8. Eleven Mile Lot (11 Mile & Center, West of Main Street)

9. 3rd & Williams Lot (3rd & Williams-E. of Main St.)

Near Downtown Royal Oak Parking Lots
Parking at all Near Downtown Lots and Structures will be $15

1. Vacant/Grass Lot (Located at Main St. & 696 Service Drive)

2. Royal Oak Middle School Parking Lot (Washington & Willis)
709 North Washington Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067-1735

3. YouPark Lot (North of Main and Emagine Theater)
300 N. Main St
Royal Oak, MI 48067-1735

Oakland Community College
Parking at OCC Lot will be $15

739 Washington
Royal Oak, MI 48067

Shuttle Parking for Arts Beats and Eats
Parking at Shuttle Lot is $10. Riding the shuttle is FREE. The shuttle will run Saturday – Monday from 10:30am – 12am, dropping off at 2nd & Washington by the Post Office in Downtown.

1. Royal Oak High School (Located off of Crooks, North of 13 Mile)
1500 Lexington Boulevard
Royal Oak, MI 48073-2400

Bicycle Parking for Arts Beats and Eats
Bicycle Locations: Free Bike parking! First come first serve.
Location/Bicycle Capacity
South: Washington St. Just south of Lincoln (southbound lane):800
North: Washington Near Second Avenue (southbound lane):1000

Corral Hours
Friday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Monday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Source: Ford Arts, Beats and Eats official website.


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