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Holidays Can Overwhelm Kids

Posted by Lisa LaGrou December 17, 2009 Behavioral Health

altMy son’s school recently sent home a flier about children and the holidays.  It was pretty interesting.  I thought the most helpful part was about how the holidays can put a strain on the childrenHolidays can be quite overwhelming for kids.  It suggests that we be prepared for the fact our child’s behavior may not be compatible with our plans.  Children are going to be at their most intense.

They will behave accordingly.  If a child acts inappropriately – running off moodily to his room – it’s the intensity of his nature reacting to the excitement of the day.

Nothing we can do in a punishing way will “teach him a good lesson.”  Instead be alert for familiar symptoms.  Provide a respite that takes him away from the activity for a brief time.

So, we need to remember the nature of our children, and when possible, distract them before intensity builds up. They will respond well to a long hug, a little kiss, and a quietly spoken “I love you.” 

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