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Lisa Whelchel Fitness DVD Review – Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman

Posted by Lisa LaGrou November 18, 2013 Products, Reviews

Lisa Welchel of The Facts of Life and Survivor fame has released a fitness DVD titled “Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman”. I tried out the new DVD to incorporate into my workout routine and the following is my review…

The workout that Lisa developed with her close friend, personal trainer Janice Clark, is aimed at the everyday woman. This is not for the P90x’ers who are looking to get their six pack abs. Whelchel created this workout DVD because she claims that she doesn’t like working out and needing something fun to keep her motivated. The DVD includes two total-body workouts for beginners, plus a warm-up and cool down, and some bonus tips (17 min. of plus personal training tips on proper body alignment, engaging the core, and breathing). The workouts add up to about 45 minutes of exercise.

The workout caters to the everyday woman in a few different ways. First, the ladies used in the video to do the workout are not bodybuilder skinny minnies that some might find intimidating. These women are truly the everyday woman. Also, each exercise move comes with an option to choose your level of difficulty. This is demonstrated clearly by having each of the three ladies consistently perform at a specific level. You decide what level you want to workout at, and then you can follow that specific person. There are three options for each move: beginner (and those with physical limitations), a step up, and challenging. Finally, there’s never any pressure to push yourself. They encourage you to stay within your limits and be safe from injuries. You won’t find the sweaty trainer standing over these women screaming at them to put in more reps.

LisaWelchelDVDI found the workout to be one of the easiest fitness routines I’ve tried. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing since I wouldn’t consider myself to be at the beginner level. I do think this is an nice workout DVD for someone who has decided to bring some exercise into their life. Having the different level options also allows them to grow with the DVD a bit.

Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman DVD is set for release for December 3, 2013.

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