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Mosquito Attractions

Posted by Administrator July 22, 2008 Family Health

The moment I step outdoors, I’m a magnet for mosquitoes. I honestly believe that I get more bug bites than other people within the same situation as me.

I looked for a reason for this and I could only find the following explanation on womenshealth.com, none of which applied to me:

Humans produce an aromatic bouquet of hundreds of chemicals, some of which are irresistible to skeeters. But scientists have only, um, scratched the surface of what makes some people more bite-worthy than others. Drinking beer may attract them (yes, researchers studied this, though they didn’t discover why beer breath is so alluring), and having high cholesterol, another study shows, makes you a more likely target (experts theorize it’s because mosquitoes need cholesterol but can’t make it on their own). Bad news for the overly hydrated reader earlier: “We also know that people who sweat less are not as attractive to mosquitoes,” says Ulrich Bernier, Ph.D., a research chemist with the USDA and an expert on mosquito attractants and repellents. He and other scientists are working to develop compounds that actually will cloak your body’s scent, rendering you invisible to mosquitoes, whose sense of smell is much keener than their eyesight. In the meantime, to keep from scratching all through your next tropical vacation, cover up, wear repellent (such as Off! Deep Woods), and don’t fidget: Movement attracts the little buggers too.

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