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RSC College Prep Expert – Online College Prep Services

Posted by Lisa LaGrou May 21, 2012 Education

altRSC Your College Prep Expert uses a wide variety of tools to help students prepare for college. As a leader in on-demand college prep, RSC offers a comprehensive list of programs to serve students and families best.

College Prep. 8th-12th grade students benefit from RSC’s online:

  • Personalized SAT and ACT practice materials proven to boost scores
  • Unlimited college-cost estimates
  • Financial aid planning and advice
  • Personality tests that help students develop clear goals
  • Extensive career development and research tools
  • Database of 4,000+ colleges
  • Rewards Program to motivate students

For a complete list of RSC’s services, click here.

Personal Guidance. Students in need of direct attention beyond RSC’s online program can receive personal assistance for a small annual fee.

Financial Aid Forms and Assistance. RSC’s financial aid specialists complete and update all federal, state, and college need-based forms. Families worried about making mistakes or missing deadlines can rest easy knowing that RSC’s staff can deliver their forms accurately and on time.

RSC uses college prep to advance a student’s academic and financial position by improving his or her college application, targeting colleges that meet the student’s need and boosting SAT and ACT scores (which can come in handy now that Michigan requires 11th graders to take the ACT Plus Writing test).

Students are encouraged to start as early as 8th grade. With college admissions more competitive than ever and admissions deans now looking at all four years of a student’s high-school record, the earlier a student begins college prep the better their chance of getting into a great college with great financial aid.

Michigan residents have witnessed steep cuts to education in the last several years, with a 61% cut to financial aid since 2006 and a guidance counselor to student ratio among the highest in the nation. The average Michigan counselor sees 600 students, or 2 ½ times the maximum number recommended by their own organization and 12 times the number recommended by Wake Forest University. RSC’s low-cost services are a great way for families to see that their student gets the attention he or she needs to meet their college goals.

Trendlists.com lists RSC as the Number #1 Online College Prep Service, with a staff that has been featured in Forbes, US News & World Report, The Christian Science Monitor, The Huffington Post, Telemundo.com, and many other major media outlets.

Students should take advantage of their 20+ years of experience and original, grade-appropriate handbooks, video tutorials, worksheets, college prep checklists, research tools, and list of Top Financial Aid Colleges. Parents also receive a number of valuable tools, including their own handbook and videos, financial aid advice and assistance and a one-of-a-kind Parent’s College Prep Checklist to make sure they – and their student – stay on track.

RSC’s online service is available 24 hours a day, with extended office hours for personal assistance.

Oakland County Moms readers are eligible for a substantial discount to their program just by entering this code: RSCOakland1.

Families in need of more information can attend a free online financial aid webinar by calling 800-898-4636 and signing up. Discover how RSC’s experienced staff can help students attend the college of their dreams.

RSC College Prep Expert


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