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Make Your Own Slip and Slide

Posted by Lisa LaGrou August 16, 2009 Solutions

altThese past few days have finally brought us some summer heat. A perfect way to beat the heat is to bring in some outdoor water fun. Make your own slip and slide! If you don’t have a pool, but you have a slope in your yard somewhere, a homemade slip and slide is a fun that can’t be beat, and it’s so easy. 

All you need is a painter’s tarp (smooth, not textured), tent stakes, and a hose. We purchased a tarp that was about 13 feet wide and 25 feet long. We used six stakes – three on each side, to keep the wind from flipping it over.  Wet it down thoroughly with a hose, and then keep the hose running as the kids slide. If you turn off the hose for more than a couple of minutes, the grass may burn. Be sure to fold up the slip n slide as soon as the kids are done playing.

We have the perfect hill in our yard, but if you have anything even close to it, the do it yourself slip n slide is fantastic! The kids, as well as anyone that comes over to try it out, absolutely LOVE it. Ours homemade slip and slide is faster than our store bought one from Toys R Us. The painter’s tarp holds up really well and the quality is better than the cheap slip and slides you see at toy stores.

It may seem late in the season to try this out, but the tarp folds up nicely and stores well. We’ve used our DIY Slip and Slide year after year.

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